Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Richmond

Intermediate Jiu-Jitsu

Deepen your knowledge in Jiu Jitsu. At this stage the student begins to connect positions more efficiently.

The objective of this module is to prepare the transition from the beginning white belt student to the blue belt and start training effectively. This module is also ideal for those who have taken time off from practicing Jiu Jitsu and want to return to class.

Learning is done progressively and shapes the student. After developing a solid foundation of Jiu-Jitsu during the beginner module, the student begins to understand the dynamics of the fight, and will be prepared for the advanced module. Learning and understanding each technique, respecting your master, your mat partners and the Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu Richmond Methodology are key points for your DEVELOPMENT!

“Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle”.

You healthier, faster and stronger in training and in life!

Program Details


Completion of Beginners module

The Program will teach:

* Applying new techniques
* Specific Training
* Learn to fall without getting hurt
* Understand the importance of Jiu Jitsu lifestyle
* Get out of your comfort zone

What am I investing in?
* Highly Graduated Teachers Passionate About Teaching Jiu Jitsu
* Differentiated quality structure
* GRACIE JIU-JITSU champion methodology
* Pleasant and family-friendly educational environment

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